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sit stand table leg

Your furniture is an essential part of your home, regardless of whether you own it or not. This is why it's crucial to get furniture that is sturdy, cozy, and appealing. Selecting a sit stand table leg that will withstand the test of time and use is therefore necessary. Fortunately, you may select a product that will work for your home among the many possibilities available.

Linear actuator

LINAK A/S is the manufacturer of a linear actuator that is designed specifically for adjustable furniture like desk with adjustable leg. It features a motor and a piezo element embedded in an elastic material. This allows the product to perform its function while providing long service life and durability. This particular design is ideal for lifting columns on height-adjustable work tables.

The electric linear actuator features consistent lifting speed, requires little maintenance and can be programmed to control the up and down motion of an adjustable item. This makes it suitable for use in adjustable furniture, resting chairs, and beds.

There are two main types of linear actuators used in adjustable furniture. One of these types features a motor that is attached to a spindle. The other type uses a screw, and the screw can be equipped with a piezo element for adjusting the movement of an adjustable item. Both types have their own benefits.

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