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You can work comfortably and effectively if you have an office table that is adjustable. You can sit in various positions if your table is adjustable. Those who suffer from back issues may find this to be quite helpful.

Eileen Gray's Adjustable Table

This adjustable office table, created by Eileen Gray, features a glass top and a chrome-plated tubular steel frame. The table top may hover above a couch, chair, or bed and is adjustable. The open base of the item can be wrapped around a bedpost. The table has four distinct height settings. It comes in smoked glass, grey glass, or black metal.

Irish-born architect and artist Eileen Gray currently resides in Paris. At the Slade School of Fine Art in London, she studied painting. Gray relocated to Paris after earning her degree from Slade in order to pursue her artistic goals. In 1922, she established Galerie Jean Desert as her own business in Paris. Early in the 1920s, Gray started creating geometric pieces that typified the burgeoning modernist design trend. Additionally, she used lacquered furniture in her interior design clients' homes.

Eileen Gray created a holiday residence in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France, in 1929. After the first two letters of her and Jean Badovici's initials, the residence was given the address E-1027.

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