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Modern adjustable standing desk

One of the best investments in a 21st-century workplace is a height-modern adjustable standing desk. Benefits include less fatigue and pain from standing or sitting for long periods of time.


IKEA has released a new series of height-modern electric standing desk workstations called Idasen. The Bekant series, known for its electronic flaws, will be succeeded by the Idasen. Linak, the market leader in linear actuator systems, and IKEA have formed a partnership. Even though the Idasen is more expensive than its predecessor, it includes many useful improvements.

The Idasen from IKEA has a special foot design. The slimmer form of its base makes it steadier than the Bekant collection.

The UPLIFTEC also features a unique inline controller system. The SMPS002 doesn't require any additional power sources because its power supply is built right in. It's guaranteed for ten years. There are two options, with depths of 27.5 inches and 31.5 inches, respectively.

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MultiTable Mod-E

MultiTable now offers the Mod-E, a sleek electric standing desk. This product is designed to help you work longer and healthier, while maintaining a comfortable position. The modern style of this electric desk makes it a good fit for a number of different offices.

There's also cutting-edge equipment inside of it that lets it easily switch from a seated to a standing posture. The same holds true for the base. The desk's two motors allow you to adjust its height, so you may stand as you work. The desk contains a digital programmable switch and three memory positions.

The Jiecang base is the foundation of the contemporary electric modern stand up desk. The sturdy foundation is crafted from high-quality roll-stamped steel. Further, it has a comfortable keyboard tray.

QuickStand Eco Desk by UPLIFTEC

Standing desks and sit/stand workstations from UPLIFTEC come with a UPLIFTEC of top and base choices to accommodate users of varying heights. They are also known for their clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. Because of this, they are suitable for use in any cutting-edge workplace.

The UPLIFTEC QuickStand Eco modern sit stand desk workstation is a cutting-edge alternative to the traditional desk that encourages standing and movement during the workday. The self-locking mechanism safely secures your computer and monitor, and the spacious work area is ideal for organizing cables.

Besides being lightweight and portable, you can also alter the weight with with one hand, and there's also a weight indicator. It's created from extremely long-lasting materials, so you can count on it to serve you faithfully for years. There's a guarantee on it, too.

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