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l shaped desk frame

An l shaped desk frame can help you work more efficiently, whether you're an architect, a computer programmer, or just a home office worker. You can have space to work on your projects at an L-shaped desk while still having room for other things like a chair, books, and your computer monitor.

Solid wood

Any home office can benefit from the beauty and utility of a solid wood L-shaped desk frame. These desks are made of long-lasting wood and have a lot of storage space for office supplies.

There are nine different hardwoods available for these desks. The feel and texture of each differ. There is a drawer and an open shelf area included in the desk for additional storage.

These desktops are made to keep out moisture and changes in humidity. A sealant process with multiple steps completes this procedure. This includes sealing all top surfaces and grommet holes completely.

iMovR offers desktops made of solid wood as well as Lander QuickShip desks, which come pre-made in popular sizes. These l shaped desk have slabs that are 1.25 inches thick and are made of domestic, sustainable wood species.

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