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It can be difficult to choose a height adjustable leg, especially if you've never had to. Fortunately, there are many choices available, and you'll find one that's ideal for you.

Steelcase Slim Leg

The Steelcase Slim Leg height adjustable desk leg is aesthetically beautiful and provides good cable management, and it was created to enable dynamic work and healthy workplaces. It features a contemporary look and is simple to integrate with other Steelcase products. It complies with BIFMA G1 and has straightforward height controls that only require a touch. Additionally, there are BIFMA G1 compliant extended height alternatives available.

The Steelcase Flex Collection supports team flexibility and encourages self-expression and innovation. Shelves, a frame, and both soft and hard enclosures make up its construction. It offers several different materiality possibilities, such as paints, fabrics, and lux coatings. Additionally moveable, the desk is simple to relocate to a peaceful area. In order to create a dynamic team neighborhood, it can also be moved about as needed. It may be customized to meet the demands of any team and is offered in a wide range of colors and material combinations.

To design a functional workspace and specify the area of the room, use the Steelcase Flex Active Frame. By establishing dynamic team neighborhoods and providing a flexible workplace, it enables teams to adjust their activities and rearrange their workspace as needed.

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