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electric adjustable computer table

A great way to have a desk that can be adjusted to your needs is to have an electric adjustable computer table. Both standing and sitting at the desk allow you to use the computer. The desk can also serve as a mobile laptop stand.


Yo-Yo Desk 90 electric adjustable computer table has what you need whether you're looking for a desk riser or a sit stand workstation. This item is available in a range of colors and sizes. Additionally, it's among the least expensive options available, so purchasing one won't cost a fortune.

The ergonomic design of this sit-stand desk enables you to comfortably use your laptop or PC while standing or sitting. For easy height adjustment, it has 15 height settings. In addition to a lower shelf for your monitor, it has a wider keyboard tray.

The desk is dependable and strong. You can adjust the desk's height up to 3.9 inches thanks to the smooth height adjustment offered by the gas springs (10cm). The desk can be upgraded by adding a monitor arm. There is also a mouse pad included.

A memory panel that can be programmed allows you to save up to four height settings on the desk. For tall users, the monitor arm's adjustable height that can be set at eye level eliminates height barriers.

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