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500mm Stroke Electric Telescopic Lifting Columns Manufacturers

500mm Stroke Electric Telescopic Lifting Columns Manufacturers

UP1B-LC02 Electric Lifting Column

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UP1B-LC02 is an downwards 2-stage rectangular lifting column. All specifications are the same as the UP1B-LC01 lifting column, except that one is a upwards lifting column and the other is an downwards lifting column. The leg orientation downwards lifting column is also very popular, because its column is a structure with a large top and a small bottom, and there is no accumulation of dust between the gaps between the columns, which is easy to take care of. A entire lifting column system includes two motor legs, control box, handset, so that an ergonomic height adjustable work space can be constructed. The UP1B-LC02 lifting column for standing desk is also very convenient to connect. It can be used immediately after connecting the control box, the motor column legs and the power supply.
The electric lifting column leg is not only used on the office desk, but also very suitable for various applications such as home automation and workstations. The LED handset with digital display can also be connected to the Bluetooth to control the lifting through APP. You can preset up to four height positions, after saving the height, just press the button, the lifting column will automatically raise or lower to the set position.


Item No




Leg Orientation

Rectangular & upwards

Installation Length

670mm (26.4")

Stroke Length

500mm (19.7")

Column Diameter


Max. Speed


Rated Load


Duty Cycle


Input Voltage

AC 110V-220V

Output Voltage

DC 24V

Ambiance Temperature


IP Grade


2-Stage Telescopic Lifting Columns
500mm Standard Stroke

500mm Standard Stroke

4 Programmable Height Preset

4 Programmable Height Preset

Sit-stand Time Reminder

Sit-stand Time Reminder

Safety Child Lock

Safety Child Lock

Noise ≤50dB

Noise ≤50dB

120kg Weight Capacity

120kg Weight Capacity

  • Quiet Dual Motors
    Quiet Dual Motors

    Quiet dual-motor technology makes powerful but smooth & silent lifting with a rated load is 800N

  • Anti Collision Feature
    Anti Collision Feature

    The gyro-Current Collision Avoidance System supports 1-8 level sensitivity adjustment for better detection of soft and hard objects in the movement path

  • Smart Control APP
    Smart Control APP

    Connect your standing desk with your smartphone by Bluetooth, So you can adjust your office desk via smartphone

  • 10 Year Warranty
    10 Year Warranty

    10 years warranty on the desk frame and 5 years warranty on electrical parts (lifting motor, controller and handset).

  • electric lifting column height
    Cold Rolled Steel

    The material of the desk frame is cold-rolled steel that is finished with a thicker powder coating for provides increased durability against scratches, moisture, and stains. The most popular colors are black, white, and grey (silver), but we can custom colors as requested.

  • electric lifting column motorized
    Lifting Column

    The lifting column is an upwards three-segment rectangular holeless design, the dimension is 80*50 mm, 75*45 mm. Square and round shape columns are also available for your choice.

  • electric lifting column manufacturers
    Control Box

    Control boxes works with the lifting column, It has low energy consumption, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance and easy to mount (grooves in the bottom).

  • electric lifting column legs

    There are buttons and touchscreen handset to choose from. With 2/4 programmable height presets to help you reach your customized heights easily. Its function also has metric and inch switch, setting the upper & lower height limits, anti collision feature, safety child lock and so on.


Electric lifting columns are mainly used in smart office furniture, suitable for desks, TV lift cabinets and other cabinets that need to be vertically lifted.

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ergonomic office desk
ergonomic office standingdesk


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    Electric Standing Desk Catalog


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