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Remote Height Adjustable Motorized TV Lift System & Mechanism Manufacturer

Remote Height Adjustable Motorized TV Lift System & Mechanism Manufacturer

Approved with the ISO9001, CE, TUV, BIFMAx5.5, and UL certificates (MOQ=50PCS)

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TV is a relatively common household appliance and is essential to almost every household. TV is not only in the living room, it may appear in every corner of the family, but due to the small space of the family for a long time, or considering the aesthetic issues, it is difficult to find a suitable place to place the TV. Our UTV-01TV lift mechanismcan prevent the TV from being hidden in the cabinet, or installed upside down on the ceiling, which can be done by the electric TV lift.

In the past,electric rising TV standwere rare, and most of them only appeared in luxury residences or high-end places. However, with the general improvement of people's living standards, motorized TV lift have become more popular and widely recognized in the market. Theunder bed TV lift mechanismis a height-adjustable TV lift cabinet systems, suitable for TV screen sizes from 32 inches to 70 inches (other sizes can also be customized), and the motorized TV lift stand can hide the TV when the TV is not in use, which can not only optimize the space, but also protect the TV from falling, dust accumulation, moisture, breakage and other problems caused by external factors.


Item No




Black, White, Grey

Installation Distance

1002mm (39.4")

Stroke Length

500mm (19.7")

Rated Load


Max. Load




Duty Cycle




Ambiance Temperature


IP Grade


automatic tv lift system

5 years we started Uplift, the goal was to manufacture the great standing desk at an incredible price, and additionally provide comprehensive furniture solutions. Designing, tooling, certification, timing... Today all products are approved with the ISO9001, CE, TUV, BIFMAx5.5, and UL certificates. 30 + design patents that block others from selling a similar product in direct competition with our dealers. The unique business model. We are not selling direct to end-user. Every dealer's need is one of our top concerns. Every project or offer is tailored. Every day we constantly innovate to ensure success in a growing market.

motorized tv lift

Height Freely Adjustable

Height Freely Adjustable

High Quality Cold Rolled Steel

High Quality Cold Rolled Steel

Strong Stability

Strong Stability

Suitable for Various TV Sizes

Suitable for Various TV Sizes

  • Multifunctional TV Lift Mechanism
    Multifunctional TV Lift Mechanism

    This is a multifunctional motorized tv lift mechanism that can be mounted on the wall or hidden in a cabinet, suitable for TV screen sizes from 32 inches to 70 inches.

  • High-Quality Motor with Strong Power TV lifting system
    High-Quality Motor with Strong Power

    The TV lifting mechanism is made of high-quality thickened cold-rolled steel, with a widened bottom design, which is more stable. Smooth spray paint surface, non-slip and anti-embroidery.

  • Manual Control and Remote Control tv lift machanism
    Manual Control and Remote Control

    There are two control methods for the TV lift system, the manual control and is wireless remote control, the operation is simple, and it can quickly respond to the commands of the remote control, which is convenient for use in home, office and other environments.

  • 10 Year Warranty tv lift mechanism
    10 Year Warranty

    Bring your home or business into the smart age with this UTV-01 electric TV lift mechanism, we provide 10 years warranty on the frame and 5 years warranty on electrical parts (lifting motor , controller and handset), to ensure that you can use it with confidence.

tv lift system
automatic tv lift
electric tv lift


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