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Cheap Office Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

Cheap Office Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

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We are a professional standing desk manufacturer in China, the foreign trade team is always ready to serve you, high quality and cheap intelligent lifting desk can be a supplement to your business, rich profits to expand your business. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us!

UL series products are single motor 2 segments 2 legs standing desk with USB charger, which is our main affordable standing desk, driven by a single motor to control the two legs to rise and fall at the same time, the maximum lifting speed is 25mm/s, most height adjustable desks stroke have 650mm, 500mm and 450mm, and the normal stroke that an adult needs to adjust is about 300-450mm, so the slower the speed of the lifting table will not waste a lot of time, and it will not affect the normal operation. use. The base of the single motor adjustable desk is made of 100% steel, 680mm long, very stable, and its running performance can fully meet the daily office use.


Item No



Height Range

710~1160mm (28"~45.7")

Width Range

1100 (43.3")

Motor Quantity

Single motor

Max. Speed




Weight Capacity

80kg (176lbs)

Duty Cycle


Input Voltage

AC 110V-220V

Output Voltage

DC 24V

Ambiance Temperature


IP Grade


electric adjustable desk frame

5 years we started Uplift, the goal was to manufacture the great standing desk at an incredible price, and additionally provide comprehensive furniture solutions. Designing, tooling, certification, timing... Today all products are approved with the ISO9001, CE, TUV, BIFMAx5.5, and UL certificates. 30 + design patents that block others from selling a similar product in direct competition with our dealers. The unique business model. We are not selling direct to end-user. Every dealer's need is one of our top concerns. Every project or offer is tailored.Every day we constantly innovate to ensure success in a growing market.

standing desk

Noise ≤50dB

Noise ≤50dB

Lift Speed 22mm/s

Lift Speed 22mm/s

Anti Collision Feature

Anti Collision Feature

Overheat/overload Protection

Overheat/overload Protection

Soft Start/Stop Feature

Soft Start/Stop Feature

  • Powerful Single Motor System
    Powerful Single Motor System

    The electric sit-stand desk is equipped with a single motor system, powerful support allow the desk to lifting at a quick and quiet.

  • Sturdy 176 lbs Support 
    Sturdy 176 lbs Support 

    All steel construction and a powerful motor support has a high load capacity up to 176 lbs and 25mm per second lift speed.

  • With USB Charging Port
    With USB Charging Port

    With USB ports to convenient you to charge any device while working.

  • 10 Year Warranty
    10 Year Warranty

    10 years warranty on the desk frame and 5 years warranty on electrical parts (lifting motor, controller and handset).

  • single motor electric table
    Cold Rolled Steel

    The material of the desk frame is cold-rolled steel that is finished with a thicker powder coating for provides increased durability against scratches, moisture, and stains. The most popular colors are black, white, and grey (silver), but we can custom colors as requested.

  • single motor electric frame
    Adjustable Height

    Height-adjustable desk is infinitely adjustable from 710~1160mm (28"~45.7") (plus thickness of your top), offers maximum comfort and adaptability to multiple requirements.

  • standing desk electric lifting column
    Holeless Lifting Leg Column

    The standard stroke of the single motor two-segments lifting column is 450mm, the dimension is 80*50 mm, and 75*45 mm.

  • standing desk handset
    2 Button Controller

    UH6 controller is very simple design and easy-to-use, you can quickly adjust the height according to your needs. USB ports are designed to convenient you to charge any device while working!

Packing Info

One set per carton, the dimension is 1080(L)*330(W)*143(H)mm, Gross weight is 21kg.

A 20ft/40ft container can fit in 480/992 sets (with pallets) and can fit in 592/1216sets (without pallets).

The outer layer is shockproof/moisture imitation paper layer packaging, thickened with five layers of corrugated paper, to protect your sit-stand desk during the whole process and ensure the safety of products in transportation.

The inner layer is anticollision, thickening, laminating, foam package, strong and wear-resistant, not easy to deform, to ensure the safety of goods in transit.

ergonomic office adjustable desk
ergonomic office desk
ergonomic office standingdesk


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