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Gas Spring Height Adjustable Riser Sit Stand Desk Converter Manufacturer

Gas Spring Height Adjustable Riser Sit Stand Desk Converter Manufacturer

Approved with the ISO9001, CE, TUV, BIFMAx5.5, and UL certificates (MOQ=50PCS)

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Do you feel uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time at work, resulting in back pain, low back pain and low productivity? UD-ZH-2 standingdesk convertercan quickly switch from sitting to standing in seconds, alternating sitting and standing can help relieve back pain and neck pain, that's what the standing desk converter is for real benefit. With the heightadjustable standing desk converter, the height of the standing desk converter is adjusted by gas spring, allowing you to work in different postures, you can comfortably focus on your work and be energized at the end of the day.Stand up desk convertersare perfect for those who don't want to replace a whole new standing desk or want to spend a lot of money, standing converters can transform your ordinary desk into a more ergonomic standing desk.


Item No

Frame Material


Height Range

60~400mm (2.4"~15.7")

Desktop size


Desktop capacity


Desktop Material






Carton size


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5 years we started Uplift, the goal was to manufacture the great standing desk at an incredible price, and additionally provide comprehensive furniture solutions. Designing, tooling, certification, timing... Today all products are approved with the ISO9001, CE, TUV, BIFMAx5.5, and UL certificates. 30 + design patents that block others from selling a similar product in direct competition with our dealers. The unique business model. We are not selling direct to end-user. Every dealer's need is one of our top concerns. Every project or offer is tailored. Every day we constantly innovate to ensure success in a growing market.

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  • Free Installation
    Free Installation

  • Safety and Sturdy Structure
    Safety and Sturdy Structure

  • Ergonomic Tabletop
    Ergonomic Tabletop

  • Healthy Working Style
    Healthy Working Style

  • standing height adjustable office desk converter
    Durable Gas Lift

    Gas spring lift offers smooth and easy height adjustment at the squeeze of a handle going from sitting to standing in an instant.

  • standing desk converter with gas springs
    Safety and Sturdy Structure

    Ergonomic design standing desk converter. The widened base keeps your riser steady and the maximum weight holds up to 33 lbs.

  • stand up desk converter free sample
    Smooth & Easy Adjustments 

    Gas springs, make the surface lift more easily and smoothly. Adjust to your perfect height level with unlimited adjustable points between 2.4" and 15.7" from the desk surface.

  • height-adjustable standing desk converter
    Space for 2 Monitors

    Our standing desk has a large surface space, and can easily hold two side-by-side monitors along with the decor, writing utensils, notebooks, mugs, and more.

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