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Electric Touch Screen Hand Control Height Adjustable Desk Controller

Electric Touch Screen Hand Control Height Adjustable Desk Controller

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UH8-001-JS is a touch screenelectric desk controller, which is specially developed for a Uplift dual motor standing desk. Every electric standing desk is equipped with a hand controller, different styles ofstanding desk controllershave the same working principle. When we touch the hand control, the microcontroller immediately sends its command to the motor controller, which controls the movement of the desk to adjust the height.

Hand control for electric height adjustable desk, You can raise the desk to a standing height to promote better posture and reduce the risk of health problems associated with prolonged sitting. Alternatively, you can lower the desk to a sitting height for more comfortable work. A touch screen height-adjustable desk controller can help you create a more ergonomic and comfortable workspace that can improve your overall health and well-being.


Item No



Max. Available Buttons





LED Display

Memory Function

3 Memory Buttons


Metric and Inch Switch


Setting the Upper & Lower Height Limits


Sit/Stand Time Reminder


Touch Screen


Child Safety Lock

Ambiance Temperature


3 Memory Buttons

3 Memory Buttons

Touch Screen

Touch Screen

LED Display

LED Display

Metric and Inch Switch

Metric and Inch Switch

  • Sit Stand Desk Control Switch
    3 Position Memory

    With 3 programmable height presets to help you reach your customized heights easily. Its function also has metric and inch switch, setting the upper & lower height limits, anti collision feature, safety child lock and so on.

  • standing desk control panel
    Touch Screen / LED Display

    UH8-001-JS is a LED height display 6-button touch screen standing desk controller, offering ultimate flexibility and control over raising and lowering the working height of your desk.

  • Standing desk Control Switch
    34-degree Mounting Angle

    All hand controller is a 34-degree mounting angle, which is more convenient for users to use, choose a hand control that suits you, and you can reach the height you want with one button.

  • standing desk control box
    Control Box

    Control boxes work with the motor leg and handset, It has low energy consumption, small in size, are lightweight, beautiful appearance and are easy to mount (grooves in the bottom).

Electric Standing Desk Frame
Standing desk Hand Remote
Standing Desk motor controller


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  • UH8-001-JS Instructions For Use

    UH8-001-JS Instructions For Use


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