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Wheelchair Accessible Height Adjustable Wall Mounted Washbasin

Wheelchair Accessible Height Adjustable Wall Mounted Washbasin

LCS-750-H Accessible Lifting Washbasin

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LCS-750-H height adjustable wall mounted bathroom washbasin for disabled/wheelchair accessiblity. The height adjustable sink has the function of electric lifting, the lifting range is 730mm (28.7’’) - 960mm (37.8’’), the lifting speed 22mm/s, fast and stable. Also has anti-collision function, when it collides or comes into contact with objects during the lifting process, the lifting will automatically stop to ensure the safety of users; To create a barrier-free bathroom, a electric height-adjustable washbasin that is frequently used in daily activities is essential. The height adjustable washbasin is realized by the electric lifting system. We are a company specializing in electric lifting system, can provide you with the best quality wheelchair accessible washbasin products and design best accessible bathroom.


Item No


Minimum Height


Maximum Height


Max. Speed




Rated Load


Max. Load


Duty Cycle


IP Grade


Input Voltage

AC 110V-220V

Output Voltage

DC 24V

Ambiance Temperature


Basin Brackets

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Quiet Motor

Quiet Motor

Electric Lifting

Electric Lifting



Noise ≤50dB

Noise ≤50dB

Anti Collision Feature

Anti Collision Feature

  • Disabled Person
    Disabled Person

  • Postoperative Inconvenient Person
    Postoperative Inconvenient Person

  • Elderly with Mobility Difficulties
    Elderly with Mobility Difficulties

  • Paralyzed People
    Paralyzed People

  • Accessible Height Adjustable Washbasin
    Height Adjustable Washbasin

    The height adjustable washbasin bracket lifting systems height range is 730mm (28.7’’) - 960mm (37.8’’), whether people need to be in a seated or standing position, it makes the bathroom more functional for everyone.

  • Sturdy Handrail Design barrier free lifting bathroom
    Sturdy Handrail Design

    Accessible lifting bathroom with a sturdy handrail design, it is safer and more convenient for special people to use. Make nursing more labor-saving and convenient.

  • 2 Button Controller wheelchair accessible Washbasin
    2 Button Controller

    2 button controller is a very simple design and easy to use, you can quickly adjust the height according to your needs.

  • Two Styles Available wheelchair bathroom
    Two Styles Available

    Floor-mounted accessible bathroom wash basins & brackets and wall-mounted accessible bathroom wash basins & brackets. Suitable for families, nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, etc.

Barrier-free Living
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wheelchair accessible kitchen cooktop
wheelchair accessible kitchen sink


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