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Accessible Kitchen Cabinet Remote Control Electric Height Adjustable Cabinets

Accessible Kitchen Cabinet Remote Control Electric Height Adjustable Cabinets

KS-5040 Accessible Kitchen Cabinet

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KS-5040 is an adjustable and multifunctional lifting kitchen cabinet, designed for common use in sitting or standing positions, with remote control function and easy operation. The kitchen is a very important place in people's daily life, where people's three meals a day need to be solved, and it is very meaningful for people with limited mobility to have a product that can solve their confusion. Our company provides some new technologies to improve the comfort and efficiency of people with disabilities in their daily life and adds lifting and lowering functions to some necessary equipment in the kitchen to better serve and use people with disabilities.


Item No

Vertical Stroke


Horizontal Stroke


Max. Speed




Rated Load


Max. Load


Duty Cycle


IP Grade


Input Voltage

AC 110V-220V

Output Voltage

DC 24V

Ambiance Temperature


Remote Control Electric Height Adjustable Cabinets

Uplift company makes full use of lifting technology to provide barrier free living solutions, create and design barrier free kitchens, barrier free bathrooms, etc. Designed to help the disabled and the elderly improve their quality of life, daily chores often have the greatest impact on our lives. Upliftec's barrier free life solution can make daily things easier and more convenient.Remote Control Height Adjustable Cabinets

Quiet Motor

Quiet Motor

Electric Lifting

Electric Lifting



Noise ≤50dB

Noise ≤50dB

Anti Collision Feature

Anti Collision Feature

  • Disabled Person
    Disabled Person

  • Postoperative Inconvenient Person
    Postoperative Inconvenient Person

  • Elderly with Mobility Difficulties
    Elderly with Mobility Difficulties

  • Paralyzed People
    Paralyzed People

  • Accessible kitchen cabinet
    Height Adjustable Kitchen Cabinet

    The height adjustable kitchen cabinet's vertical stroke is 320±10mm, and horizontal stroke is 255±10mm whether people need to be in a seated or standing position, it makes the kitchen more functional for everyone.

  • Height Adjustable kitchen cabinet
    Remote Controller

    The remote controller is a very simple design and easy to use, you can quickly adjust the height according to your needs.

  • Washbasin Accessible cabinet
    Accessible Kitchen Cabinets

    Accessible kitchen cabinets are suitable for families, nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, etc. 

Barrier-free Living
wheelchair accessible kitchen sink
wheelchair accessible kitchen cooktop
wheelchair accessible Bathroom Washbasin


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